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About “Quang Minh Resin Glue”

Line Adhesive E0 is environmentally friendly and Carb 2 standard products

Dark milk Glue E0

Dark milk Glue E0

Glue to protect the surface

It is a type of glue to protect the surface of the board, covering the surface and beautify the board.

Liquid catalysts

A liquid catalyst is a type of aqueous formaldehyde reduction catalyst that can be directly sprayed or coated onto the board.The curing agent can be added directly to the glue, capable of reducing fomaldehyde 50-70%.

Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)

PVA products of Quang Minh company ...

Normal Ure Formaldehyde Glue

Quang Minh's UF and UMF resin products are tailored for each customer, so reaction, adhesion, Formaldehyde emissions, installation time and physical properties are based on customers' specific needs. row.

Melamine product

Every month, melamine is imported from China in a container.With our experience in plastic glue production, we deeply realize the importance of melamine quality in bringing quality to our glues, and we always Strict quality control

Titanium dioxide powder

Titanium dioxide